Introducing Our Top 5 Bucket Hat Styles For Women

Check out these trendy bucket hat styles for women and stay on top of spring, summer, and fall fashion trends!

It's time to go shopping for your new bucket hat. The best part of summer is the fashion! You can wear a bucket hat with anything from jeans, shorts, dresses or even swimsuits! If you're not sure what accessories to choose this summer then these five styles will have you covered.

Bucket hats are a must have accessory for the summer. They're perfect to wear on the beach, while you're shopping with your friends or just out and about during the season. That's why Cabana & Straw is here to show you bucket hats that will inspire fashion in addition to being practical! 

Barley Bucket Hat

Sitting at the beach, looking across the water and watching as your hair blows in the wind. It's a moment of pure bliss.

Cabana & Straw has an extensive collection of straw hats with varying levels of coverage for any occasion - from beach day to gardening! With such a wide variety, there's no excuse not to keep that summer feeling alive all year long! Here's one of our favourite the Barley Bucket Hat...keeping you stylish all summer.

Classic Bucket Hat

We all know the classic bucket hat is a must have staple in your wardrobe. It's stylish, it's practical and you can wear it with any outfit! But if you're like me, finding the perfect one to fit your style can be a little difficult. That is why I've created this blog post for you to find out which styles of classic bucket hats are best suited for your personal taste!

There are many different sizes and shapes of these hats so take some time to find the one that suits you best! 

Cotton Frayed Bucket Hat

Frayed bucket hats are so in for this summer's wardrobe for many, and rightfully so! They're perfect for blocking out the sun while still looking stylish. Bonus? It will keep you cool in the heat as well. This time around we are taking a look at the Cotton Frayed Bucket Hat.. one of my favorite styles that I think would fit any beach bum's needs this season!

Teddy Bucket Hat

It's that time of year when the temperature is transitioning, and you're not sure what to wear. You can't decide if you should keep it light and breezy or bundle up in a big coat with a hat.

Teddy Bucket Hat keeping you cosy for colder days and stylish for warmer days! And it's sooo fluffy!

Sol Bucket Hat

A wide brim bucket hat is a must have accessory for a summer at the beach. Firstly and most importantly, it shields your face from harmful UV rays and secondly, also looks pretty dang cute! Beyond practicality, the Sol Bucket Hat offers some serious style.

What do you think about our selection of favourite styles to keep you looking good all summer long?


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