Barley Bucket Hat

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Beach hat with a street vibe, or street hat with a beach vibe!

Our absolute best seller of 2021! The beautifully made Raffia bucket-style hat is the perfect go-to for a variety of occasions. 

Featuring an adjustable inner cord to allow the perfect fit for many sizes, and then framed by a relaxed brim that’s fringed along the edges. Style it with a relaxed shirt-dress for a coastal retreat.

  • Material: Raffia
  • Size: 56cm (one size fits all)
  • Available in Beige and Brown

Makers of luxe essentials for the land and the sea, we are the iconic beach brand.

Cabana & Straw is a popular brand that produces a range of women’s hats, bags and accessories available in seasonal colours and styles. Inspired by the ocean life we encourage people to express confidence and uniqueness. We pick the most trendy products to suit your lifestyle by land and sea.

No one knows you better then yourself, so we want our customers to feel the confidence that they can be themselves. Cabana & Straw was created with this idea in mind. We pride ourselves on creating a fashionable range of products for every woman out there to express their individuality!

What makes us different from other companies out there is that we are committed to developing new designs so you can express your individuality effortlessly through accessories like bag& hats - this way you'll never have an excuse not to bring your style everywhere you go. Whether it be a day trip or just across town on days when you're running errands in the city.

Our promise is simple: To make sure each customer leaves feeling confident and happy about their purchase because what’s more important than looking good? Feeling great too!

We are Cabana & Straw and we invite you to join our journey as we bask in the sun, take carefree dips in the ocean and create unforgettable memories with the ones we love the most, with the perfect beach accessories by our side.



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