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Benefits for Cabana & Straw Stockists
cabana straw stockist benefits

How to Place Your Wholesale Order

In case you haven't heard of us, Cabana & Straw is a UK-based brand of women’s hats, bags and fashion accessories that are perfect for all outfits and occasions. Our mission is to help our customers look their effortless best with our beach-inspired and timeless designs. We ship our products to customers worldwide and have partnerships with brands in over 20 countries.

We ask that you complete our form with as much detail as possible, even if your store has yet to launch. Your application will be assessed on your social media and brand image of your physical and/or online store. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

Cabana & Straw wishes to establish long-lasting wholesale partnerships so we hope you fill in all fields to help us understand your brand better.

Please note we have an MOQ of 10 pieces. If you have any further questions about our wholesale process, please contact us to clarify before submitting the form.